Reflection 1

Prior to this week, my thoughts were tangled with insecurities. I was anxious about meeting my students. Keeping in mind that I just completed only my first year of teaching, I began questioning my instructional abilities. I was overwhelmed by the word “accommodations.” As soon as I met my students, though, my heart was stolen–again. I quickly noted how much they reminded me of my first class of third graders. They’re children, sweet children. Their needs, though challenging and deserving of my attention, are nothing new to me. My confidence continues to unfold. In other words, I am realizing that many of their learning needs are challenges that I was already addressing in my own general education classroom.

My students are sensational little ones. They are full of energy and curiosity. They give purpose to my days here at the Summer Learning Place. I look forward to getting to know them more. I only hope to help them in some way during our short time together.

As I look ahead to the next three weeks, I have set the following goals as an accountable framework for myself:

Effective: I want to be an effective teacher. I know this will require preparation, perhaps some research, and punctuality. I want my students to learn from me and my pedagogy. I don’t want to waste their time.

Flexible: I want to be a flexible teacher and colleague. One size does not fit all. I know that I must accept the challenges presented to me with a willingness to monitor and adjust. I also know that I must be willing to serve all those involved in my classroom, including my co-teacher.

Teachable: I want to be a learner.  So far, my co-teacher has been a wonderful mentor to me.  I have already learned so much about LD resources and instructional strategies. A very grateful shout-out to Ms. Smith! 🙂 I want to continue learning throughout this experience—about myself and my students. I hope to identify my strengths and weaknesses so that I can better refine my pedagogy of exceptionalities.

I am very excited about my upcoming days at the Summer Learning Place. I look forward to watching all the ways both I and my students grow in our learning.

slp picture


3 thoughts on “Reflection 1

  1. Awesome post, Teresa! I can relate to feeling anxious- but as you said, the sweet babies put a busy mind to rest! Can’t wait to read more about what happens in your room. I like how you included a picture. What are the students cutting out? They are very engaged!


  2. We reviewed place value on Thursday. Students were making their names using a combination of place value rods and units. After they generated their names, they calculated “how much” their names were worth. 🙂


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